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Endwell UV Filtration System Installation & Repair

Endwell UV Filtration System Installation & Repair

Are you looking for a highly effective water filtration system that will give you the fresh, clean water you deserve? Find your answer with a UV filtration system. Call Arctic Bear Heating & Air at (607) 754-4235 for installation in Endwell, NY. Click here to print out your coupon for a free water analysis or $100 off water treatment installation.

UV Filtration System Installation Repair Endwell,NY

Whether you use a well system or the municipal water supply, your home can benefit from a UV filtration system. This device works to provide your entire home with crisp, clean water for drinking, cooking, and washing. Read on to learn more about this convenient system and how it can benefit your home.

If you are ready to install one, contact Arctic Bear Heating & Air and we will help you find and install the right system to fit your particular needs. We are authorized WaterCare dealers, as well as Professional Level dealers of Water-Right UV filtration systems.

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How does whole house UV water filtration work?

Whole house UV water filtration works by exposing all of the water that comes into the home to a high level of ultraviolet light. This is the same type of light that the sun emits. It is completely safe for use in drinking water systems. When the microorganisms in the water are exposed to this kind of light, they are not able to reproduce. As a result, about 99.9 percent of potentially harmful contaminants are eliminated.

What factors need to be considered before installing one?

Our team will make sure the UV water filtration system you choose is sized appropriately for your home and your water needs. These systems utilize a pre-filter to make sure that debris and dirt do not contaminate the water that comes into the home. After that, the water is exposed to ultraviolet light for a period of time. In order to ensure that the water has been sufficiently treated, you need to use a light that is strong enough to cleanse the water supply throughout your entire home.

If you use well water, we strongly recommend a UV filtration system. This system will help eliminate many of the harmful bacteria and contaminants found in well water.

Is is easy to maintain?

While there are chemical systems that can be helpful in removing contaminants from your  water supply, UV water filtration is completely natural. It will create a water source that is safe for the whole family, one that is easy to maintain and will last for a long time. All you need to do is replace the UV lamp either after 9,000 hours of use or annually, depending on which comes first.

Enjoy great tasting water straight from the tap with a new UV filtration system. Call us today at (607) 754-4235 to discuss your options for installation. We also provide repair and maintenance services for existing systems. Contact us now for your free estimate!

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