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Endwell Water Filtration System Installation & Repair

Endwell Water Filtration System Installation & Repair

Are you looking for an effective way to improve your home’s water quality? Install a new whole house water filtration system with help from your Endwell, NY water treatment experts. Arctic Bear Heating & Air has been serving your community since 2007 and we are committed to your complete home comfort. Call us today at (607) 754-4235 to discuss your water filtration options and to schedule an immediate appointment with one of our specialists.

Water Filtration System Installation and Repair Endwell,NY

Does your home suffer from hard water problems or the effects of other impurities in your water supply? Eliminate these problems with a professionally installed whole house water filtration system. Arctic Bear Heating & Air is your premier Endwell, NY water treatment company dedicated to our customers’ safety and comfort. We want to make sure you are able to enjoy the water in your home and not have to dread your daily chores. Contact us for more information on which filtration system is best for your needs.

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What problems does whole house water filtration solve?

Installing a whole house water filtration system means cleaner, healthier water for drinking, washing, cooking, and bathing. Whether you have hard water or other impurities affecting the quality of your water supply, we can install the perfect filtration system to meet your needs.

Impure water can lead to dull hair and skin and create a bitter taste in the water that can cause teeth to stain. Problems with your water quality can also produce a foul odor and allow bacteria to enter your home. Contaminants and minerals in your water supply also cause your plumbing pipes to degrade much more quickly and can affect your daily chores.

Instead of purchasing bottled water or dreading your chores, why not consider a whole house water filtration system? We can help you find the right system to fit your particular needs, whether it’s carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, or another type of filtration system.

What’s lurking in untreated water?

Your home’s water supply contains a number of impurities, including harmful minerals, bacteria, and other elements. Fortunately, you have Arctic Bear Heating & Air to help you find the right water treatment system for your particular needs. As your authorized WaterCare dealer, we will help you achieve greater home comfort through fresh, clean water.

Below are some of the contaminants we can help you eliminate and reduce through our recommended products:

Arsenic: Found in soil and bedrock, arsenic can lead to health disasters if high amounts are ingested.

Chloride: If your water has a high level of chloride, you may need to have your water softener inspected. Other problems with chloride in your water supply may come from road salt, fertilizer contamination, or septic waste.

Coliform bacteria: This is a strong sign that there are harmful organisms in your water supply.

Fluoride: This is found naturally in water. Low levels of fluoride are acceptable. However, high levels of fluoride can lead to stained teeth.

Hard water: This is one of the most common water problems facing homeowners. Hard water can affect your laundry, dishwashing, bathing, and cooking tasks. Since hard water makes it difficult to lather and rinse, it leaves behind soap scum on dishes, sinks, clothes, and the walls of your shower or tub. Hard water also progresses the deterioration and inefficiency of plumbing pipes and appliances such as dishwashers and water heaters.

Hydrogen sulfide: You will know when hydrogen sulfide is present by the rotten egg smell it produces.

Iron: This is not necessarily harmful when ingested, but high levels can corrode your plumbing lines and fixtures. Iron in your water supply can also leave stains on your dishes, glassware, and clothes.

Lead: Was your home built before 1985? If so, it may feature lead pipes or lead-based solder. The industry is advocating lead-free piping, and we can help you counter the effects of lead in your water with the right treatment system.

Manganese: This can create black stains in your dishwasher, where manganese stains are often found.

Nitrates: This is a major health risk for infants and young children. High levels of nitrate point to fertilizer or septic waste contamination.

Sulfates: If there is a high level of sulfate in your water supply, it can leave foul odors and spots on your dishes. If ingested, it will taste bitter and result in a (temporary) laxative effect.

Why choose us?

We stand by our work and offer free water testing by a licensed water specialist. Water purity shouldn't be a guessing game. Our test can detect bacteria, nitrates, sulfur, and other common water contaminants. We offer upfront competitive pricing for all services, and our entire team is highly skilled and accredited.

Call us now at (607) 754-4235 to find out which water filtration system is best for your home. We will help you choose the best system that solves your particular problem. Contact us today and start enjoying cleaner, healthier water for you and your family.