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Endwell Air Handler Repair, Installation & Replacement

Endwell Air Handler Repair, Installation & Replacement

Are you tired of recurring AC problems? Not sure what’s wrong with your unit? Contact us for professional AC inspections and we will get to the bottom of the problem. A faulty air handler may be to blame. Enjoy reliable cooling as summer approaches with professional air handler repair and replacement. Call today at (607) 754-4235 for service in Endwell, NY and surrounding areas.

Air Handler Repair Installation Replacement Endwell,NY

Air handlers are crucial to the normal operation of your AC unit. They are made up of both heating and cooling elements, blowers, filters, and dampers. The purpose of this component is to move air throughout the ductwork. The air handler is responsible for supplying cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter.

If you have a problem with your AC, contact us now to have it inspected. If the problem lies in a faulty air handler, we will repair it without hassle. Our team is dedicated to your complete home comfort, promising quality workmanship and honest, upfront rates.

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What are common air handler problems?

Air handlers can experience various problems that may affect the normal operation of your entire AC system. Some of the common issues in the air handler we regularly handle:

  • Frozen evaporator coil: This is the result of a clogged or dirty filter and will lead to lack of cool air.
  • Obstructed airflow: Also caused by clogged air filters that can prevent proper air flow through the air handlers.
  • Failure of blower motor: The cause of this failure can be due to a faulty relay, spoilt control board, or a faulty blower motor itself.

These are just a few problems that can affect your air handlers. We are experienced in handling various AC problems and will get to the bottom of your specific issue. We may simply need to clean the components in the air handler or replace a faulty component. Either way, we will leave your AC working like new again.

What are the benefits of AC maintenance?

You enjoy various benefits when you have a routine AC maintenance plan in place:

Improved energy efficiency: Our services make sure your system uses energy more efficiently. For instance, clean cooling coils generate cool air without using extra energy, costing you less to operate the system.

Extended AC life: Lack of proper maintenance is a main reason AC systems fail. Regular maintenance keeps your system running well past its expected years.

Improved indoor air quality: Over time dust and debris will collect in various components of your air handler. The dust can be released into your home and affect your air quality. Regular AC maintenance will help prevent dust buildup and keep you and your family breathing easy.

Are you looking for the right AC repair team to solve your problem? Call Arctic Bear Heating & Air today at (607) 754-4235 for your free estimate.

NYSEG Rebate Program

NYSEG is offering a rebate program to its residential natural gas customers on new residential natural gas equipment and duct sealing. Follow the link to the NYSEG Rebate Program for information and to see if you qualify.

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