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Endwell Water Heater Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Endwell Water Heater Installation, Repair & Maintenance

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Water Heater Installation Repair Maintenance Endwell,NY

Hot water costs account for a significant amount of your regular energy costs. That’s why we recommend calling for timely water heater repair, replacement, or maintenance. Dealing with existing issues or potential issues in time will help you avoid greater headaches and energy waste. If you need immediate water heater services, contact Arctic Bear Heating & Air for professional solutions you can count on. We are your reliable Endwell, NY water heater experts dedicated to our customers’ complete safety and comfort.

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What are common water heater problems?

Look out for these signs that it’s time to call for professional water heater solutions:

Lack of hot water: You may be faced with a lack of hot water because the pilot light has gone out or a mechanical problem has occurred in the water heater. A faulty thermocouple or venting problem can also cause issues with your hot water supply.

Pilot light issues: Pilot light problems can occur when the thermocouple malfunctions or a gas valve does not work properly.

Main burner goes out: If the main burner continues to go out, a faulty thermocouple may be the problem.

Rusty or black-colored water: Discolored water usually means an anode rod has dissolved and is leaching into the water.

Leaking tank: A leaking tank can signal corrosion that has affected the integrity of the water heater.

Leaking relief valve: If the relief valve is leaking, the valve may no longer be functioning properly and should be replaced.

No matter the problem, our team will diagnose the issue and make sure you receive the best solution, whether it is a repair or whole unit replacement.

What are the benefits of regular maintenance?

Scheduling regular maintenance inspections for your water heater can pay off in a number of ways:

  • Extended service life and improved unit reliability
  • Greater efficiency, saving you on energy costs
  • Fewer inconvenient breakdowns so you can enjoy long term peace of mind
  • Fewer repairs needed (small problems are managed before larger problems occur)

Enjoy the benefits of quality water heater solutions with Arctic Bear Heating & Air. Call us today at (607) 754-4235 to discuss your problem and we will evaluate the issue to make sure you receive the most cost efficient solution.